Within the Agile Survival Kit you will find a wide selection of tactile tools and games that can assist your team in taking the next step in their Agile journey and reaching agility!


Agile Survival Kit Contents:


  • The five Agile Survival Kit Playbooks
  • Agile Survival Kit Case and Canvas tote bag (branded)
  • 3 x stack Large post-its
  • 3 x stack small post-its
  • User story cards (x50) in five colours
  • Hypothesis story card (x50)
  • Backlog Planning Cards (x50)
  • Blu-tak
  • Blue Painters tape
  • Planning poker cards
  • T-shirt cards
  • Avatar kit (paper)
  • Sharpies (black and coloured)
  • Sticker Dots
  • Activity Cards
  • Whiteboard markers
  • Whiteboard eraser
  • Stress ball

Agile Surivial Kit

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