You have just got back from Agile training having learned a little about how to play in the Scrum or Kanban space. But now you need to kick-start your team’s journey into agility? Excellent!


Welcome to the Agile Survival Kit!

You’ve found your way to the Agile Survival Kit which aims to help you and your team get started. We’ve been through it all too—you’re ready to go, but don’t quite know where to start, and that can be a bit confronting. The purpose of the Agile Survival Kit is to present some of the popular Agile frameworks, providing you with a basic starting point for you to learn, get good at as a team, and then…improve! We want to give you and your team the best foundation because we know from experience that starting to apply all of these new practices can be the hardest part.


There are many different Agile ways of working, and so much relies on the context of your work and your organisation, so we hope this kit will help you start to get going as a team. Throughout all of of the kit, our discussions about the conventions of two of the most popular frameworks (Scrum and Kanban) will be made to be more generic and usable across both. Once you’ve mastered the basics, continue to empower your team to grow and improve by allowing for iterative changes to your processes. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect from the beginning!

This kit contains everything you will require to get get your team setup and progressing. So, jump right in and get your team started on this new and exciting journey!

The Agile Survival Kit contains:

  • The five Agile Survival Kit Playbooks

  • Agile Survival Kit Case and Canvas tote bag (branded)

  • 3 x stack Large post-its

  • 3 x stack small post-its

  • User story cards (x50) in five colours

  • Hypothesis story card (x50)

  • Backlog Planning Cards (x50)

  • Blu-tak

  • Blue Painters tape

  • Planning poker cards

  • T-shirt cards

  • Avatar kit (paper)

  • Sharpies (black and coloured)

  • Sticker Dots

  • Activity Cards

  • Whiteboard markers

  • Whiteboard eraser

  • Stress ball


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